Client Testimonials

“Vanessa Pearson is a natural teacher. She genuinely cares about her clients and is passionate about helping them gain insights into what motivates their financial decisions. She is generous with her time and interested in getting to the root of the matter, helping those in need of shifting their money mindset by recognizing their underlying patterns of behavior. This newfound financial self-awareness is critical to making lasting change and personally, it has allowed me to move from fear into empowerment. By realizing my patterns, I now can appreciate money for the simple tool it is and accept that any power or meaning assigned to it comes from me. I’m excited about creating abundance from a clean slate and without anything holding me back.

Thank you Vanessa for all your help and encouragement. I feel fortunate for your mentorship and am so happy to be able to identify what no longer serves me so I can focus on what does.”


“My experience with Vanessa fixed much more than my money mindset. It reset my
perception of my early family life and its continuing influence in the present. This
was not only regarding financial matters, but all aspects of my life. Now I am more
aware of things I do well as well as mistakes I have made. I was consciousness
raised, as promised. I can see clearly how my early life made me over cautious at
times which I thought was being sensible and how that caution cost me money. I
also see how valuable my sensible side is. Vanessa helped reveal all that to me and
gently guided me toward more a more flexible yet properly cautious financial
attitude. I feel completely relaxed and comfortable with my present financial
outlook now. Thanks, Vanessa.”

Shelby H.Published writer & actress

“Money coaching brought a new way of thinking to my spending and being able to understand how my past and modeling from others has influenced me where money is concerned. Knowing where my foibles are and how they got me to this place in my life has been eye-opening. Changing the way I look at spending and saving (or not) comes a lot from that “self-nurturing “ place that we all need to recognize. This process helped me look to my later years where I need to focus a little more on security and why I am capable or incapable of dealing with current issues in my life to overcome collapsing under the strain or pressure of over-thinking or not thinking before I make financial decisions. Being able to externalize my issues with past spending and lack of feeling secure was very powerful for me because it showed me that my choices over time had and could change my future.

Sandy B.Art Therapist/Graphic Designer