Financial Education Coaching

We have discovered that most of the feelings people harbor come from a place of deep insecurity because we were never properly educated about the world of money. We are in fact, for the most part, financially illiterate. This has nothing to do with aptitude or intelligence. It has only to do with the failure of our education system to properly educate and empower its citizens about finances.
Our hope and intention is to someday make financial education as important as math or English, since it is both a language and a practical life skill. In the game of life, it is important to understand the language of money and to be financially aware and literate. The financial industry has it’s own sophisticated language, concepts, and meanings, most of which the majority of us do not fully comprehend.

Empowered with your raised consciousness through the Money Coaching process, you may find you need more practical knowledge regarding financial matters. For some, reading materials found online or through books may prove useful, but nothing is more engaging when one can learn directly with an experienced mentor and expert. Through the Financial Education Coaching sessions, you can customized your educational needs, learning practical life skill and helping yourself move forward with knowledge and confidence as you navigate the consumer and investment world.

Here are some topics you may want to cover:

  1. The Basics of Investments – What’s a stock? What’s a bond? A Mutual Funds? An Exchange Traded Funds?
  2. The Basics of Personal Income Tax – What’s my (AGI) adjusted gross income? My tax bracket? How are my income taxes calculated? How do I fill out my W2s? W4s?
  3. The Basics of Risk Management – What do I need to have in my for auto or home policies? Do I need life insurance? Disability insurance? Long term care insurance?
  4. The Basics of Estate Planning – Do I need a Will or a Trust? What’s a health care directive? A power-of-attorney (POA)? Should I use or create my documents from an online legal website?
  5. The Basics of Credit – What’s my Fico score? How do I obtain a free copy? How do I fix a discrepancy on my report?
  6. Or Any Financial topic you want to learn but don’t know where to look.

All sessions can be purchased separately or combined for greater discount.