Daily Money Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Since Daily Money Management is tailored to the specific needs of each client, it isn’t possible to offer answers to all the questions that may arise regarding our services.  However, we try to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding this unique services below.   For more detailed information or find out how we can tailor Daily Money Management services to your needs, please contact me.

How does Daily Money Management (DMM) work?

DMM service is a totally new way to manage your personal finances. Your monthly bills can be paid and kept track of with a monthly, quarterly, and/or annual reports. We also reconcile your bank statements, post the checks you write, the credit card purchases you make, etc. This leaves you time to look at the big picture, to understand where you stand financially.

What kind of clients do you help?

Our clients are retired/widowed seniors who are not familiar with the family finances or budget challenged individuals looking for guidance and accountability.

Do I lose control of my accounts?

Under no circumstances do you lose control. All you lose are the headaches associated with your personal finances. Most of our clients feel more in control because for the first time they know what’s really going on thanks to our efforts.

How does my bills get to you?

Clients usually email, fax or provide us their bills in a face-to-face meeting.

How do you know what to pay?

It not complicated, once we get to know you. Most bills have to be paid in full or in installments. In the case of credit cards, you simply tell us how to pay them – pay in full, or pay some fixed amount each month. After that, it’s automatic. You can change your mind anytime you wish. We set up the payments with you in our set up meeting and after that, the bills are paid automatically.  An expense summary will be prepared either bi-monthly or monthly for your review.

What are your fees?

We charge by the hour or a fixed monthly rate. The amount will be depended on your tailored needs. There is an initial $250 set up fee.  After that, it’s $125 hourly rate.

What if I want to discontinue your services?

You are free to cancel the service at any time. There is no obligation to continue for a fixed amount of time.

How do I get started?

Call for a free consultation or send us an email and we’ll call you. It doesn’t take very long and is the best way to determine if we can help meet your needs.  No need to wait until you’re organized – that’s our job!